Partnering with Byron Yoga Centre, Frontline Yoga offers a complete training continuum following the Raise-Train-Sustain (RTS) Model adopted from the Australian Defence Forces.
Byron Yoga Centre is one of the longest running yoga schools in Australia and operates as an accredited RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

Registered Yoga Teacher Training

Frontline Yoga (FY) is partnering with Byron Yoga Centre to offer yoga teacher training courses tailored to Frontline professionals. This training is open to any yoga practitioner with a close connection to the Police, Military, Emergency Medical or First Responder community.

The course is run by Byron Yoga Centre, one of Australia’s longest running yoga schools established in 1988 by John Ogilvie. The special training with Frontline Yoga is a Byron Yoga Centre residential intensive Level 1 course and offers a RYT 200 hour certificate that is accredited with Yoga Alliance. The certificates will be issued on successful completion of the post residential components which include online study, journaling of yoga classes and undertaking practical yoga teaching experience.

We currently do not have a course scheduled, however you can register your interest below, and when we do schedule our next training, we will contact you.

Training Continuum

  • 200hr Level 1 Teacher Training
  • Trauma Aware Yoga Training
  • Professional Mastery Course Options
    • 300hr Level 2 Teacher Training
    • Yin Yoga
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Practical Anatomy
    • Remedial Yoga

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Already qualified, but looking for training in trauma?

4 Day Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training (Face to Face, or via LiveStream)

Delivered as a subset of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, developed out of The Trauma Center, Justice Resources Institute under the supervision of Dr Bessel van de Kolk and David Emerson, TAY recognises the unique conditioning process that Frontline professionals undergo in training. These individuals are not in a state of helplessness and appreciate an approach to Yoga that is robust and caters specifically to their cultural expectation of optimal performance.

TAY Training is suitable for:

  • Yoga teachers
  • Teachers in training
  • Medical professionals
  • Rehabilitation consultants
  • Frontline professionals
  • Support workers

Topics covered include:

  • Intention behind TAY classes
  • Difference between helping and serving
  • Impact of stress on the body and brain
  • Impact of trauma on the body and brain
  • Clinically proven benefits of yoga
  • Benefits of Yoga for Frontline professionals
  • Be lead through a TAY class
  • Understanding breath practices
  • TAY guidelines
  • Cautions & contraindications

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6 Hour Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training

Want to get a snapshot of Trauma Aware Yoga and it’s benefits to support people during their journeys through trauma? This short 6 hour professional development course will provide an introduction into how trauma effects the brain, how the body retains trauma, and how yoga and meditation can support people with trauma. Recognised by Yoga Alliance, this training is a great way to start. Follow the link to register.

Canberra 24 October 2021

Professional Mastery Courses