Our Vision

Building resilience, strength and connection on the frontline.

Our Mission

Delivering classes, workshops and education to enhance performance, promote recovery, and improve the health and wellbeing of frontline professionals.

Our Services – What We Do

Frontline Yoga offers best practice guidance on the delivery of Yoga to the First Responders, Emergency Services and Military Veteran community. Through our network of skilled teachers, we also offer a suite of Yoga services that cater to the needs and abilities of all members within the community.

FY Resilience – Adaptive classes accessible to all abilities. Including seniors, chair, extensively propped and gentle classes that are taught with an awareness of trauma.

FY Strength – Traditional classes based on hatha yoga. Suitable for participants looking to enhance physical and cognitive performance on the job and in life.

FY Connection – Yin based yoga classes designed to enhance the connection between body and breath.

All classes are suitable for all ages and ability levels. Frontline Yoga teachers are experienced and capable of providing intelligent modifications to suit individual requirements.

Classes are FREE to all Frontline Professionals – Current | Ex-servicing | Retired – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Military, Healthcare Workers & Volunteer Emergency Services.

General public and supporters are welcome to attend by donation.

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