Frontline Yoga Board of Directors

Rachael Day

As CEO of Frontline Yoga, Rachael leads company implementation whilst ensuring that the organisation meets its strategic and cultural premise. Previously HR Manager for the business, she has been working for Frontline since 2019.

Her background in yoga and project management combine in her role, and were never more utilised than in bringing the company’s vision of enhancing the lives and relationships of Frontline professionals to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The work Rachael has done with Frontline Yoga has also had a positive impact on her life outside the organisation, as it has ignited her passion for ensuring we have healthy communities. She is working on completing her Master in Librarianship which will drive a move from HR Management to Community Engagement. 

During down time, she enjoys anything that connects her to the here and now, including hiking, knitting and being in the ocean.

Chris Thompson-Lang
Executive Chairman

Frontline Yoga’s Executive Chair, Co-Founder Chris, provides leadership and direction to the board whilst supporting CEO Rachael in leading the execution. His involvement in the organisation stems from being a passionate advocate for the value that yoga can have on the pre-habilitation and recovery of frontline professionals.

Alongside identifying opportunities for Frontline Yoga, Chris uses his vast military experience to promote the great work the organisation does. He has a long term vision to enhance the provision of a full spectrum of health services through voluntary contributions to health charities and also support the use of novel treatments in healthcare.

Always one to take on a challenge, one of Chris’s most standout experiences was tackling the tough Brisbane to Tennant Creek road cycle. A 2,400 plus kilometre journey that saw him ride over six days on just one meal and six hour sleep. 

Brad Williamson

Board Member Brad Williamson is tasked with networking and identifying opportunities on behalf of Frontline Yoga. He promotes the incredible work the organisation does and provides a contribution to the strategic and operational direction of the company.

With a background that includes leading military police platoons in East Timor and overseeing a training team that delivered Force Level Pre-Deployment Training Packages to government and military bodies, he has the experience that help articulate the benefits of the work the organisation does.

Long term he would like to see focus on the health and wellness space at unit and local area command level. With adoption of integrated approaches incorporating mind-body modalities and Nutra-Therapeutics in order to optimise occupational durability, sustainability and performance.

Brad loves to surf, camp and practice Muay Thai in his spare time, whilst also delving into modalities that optimise human performance and resiliency which are aligned with living within natural rhythms. These include Cold Water Immersion, Circadian Sleep Management and Nutra-Therapeutics.

Kate O’Donoghue

Being a passionate mental health advocate led Kate to co-found Frontline Yoga. A Board Member for the business, she promotes Frontline Yoga’s work within Government and Independent support services, consults on the training programs all the while actively contributing to the strategic and operational direction.

Having seen Frontline Yoga grow from an idea to fully functioning charity, it is the knock on effects that involvement in yoga has on its members that motivates Kate. She sees how class attendance leads to finding a community which delivers support and connection.

Further afield, her goal is to act as a solid bridging point between the yoga and clinical worlds as an advocate for an intersection of science and experience in healing.

When not espousing the value of yoga, Kate can be found (or ideally not found!) enjoying solace off the radar in the bush for a few days with just her swag for company. She loves to laugh with her three sons or wander through art galleries.

Richard McShane

Richard is a Board Member at Frontline Yoga and provides corporate governance oversight as well as guiding the commercial operations to ensure a financially stable enterprise. Having previously been a commissioned officer in the army, he is familiar with the needs of an organisation like Frontline. 

His involvement with the company stems from a desire to give back to his community of returned service men and women, colleagues and friends. He believes that Frontline Yoga provides a valuable tool for frontline staff to prepare for and cope with the trauma experienced through their service.

One of Richard’s professional goals is to deliver free mentoring for start-ups supporting better economic outcomes for regional communities. 

When not at work he’s an avid sportsman and Richard enjoys surfing, mountain biking or playing ‘Old Farts’ Aussie rules. 

Jim Swan

Jim brings to the Frontline Yoga Board 20 years of military experience. Prior to discharging in 2021, Jim was employed as an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force serving both at home and abroad.

Jim is a passionate mental health advocate, driven to promote the healing benefits of Yoga throughout the Frontline community.

Residing in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Jim enjoys traveling, fishing and creating memories with his two children.

Terri Purser

With a background in yoga and accounting Terri brings a knowledge base of the corporate world. With a passion for knowledge and wanting yoga to be accessible for all bodies and ages, Terri has studied mental health yoga, along with seniors adaptable, and will soon be undertaking a calm kids certification and eventual goal of yoga therapy. Terri is currently volunteer teaching with Frontline since 2019, with the very first connection class in Mollymook.

An advocate for community spirit often participating in volunteer capacities for schools, sports clubs and environmental and community events, and has even skydived as a fundraising initiative for JDRF.

If not undertaking motherhood tasks she can be found in the kitchen baking and cooking gluten free nutritious meals and breads, reading, pursuing art and craft, spending time outdoors or spending time with family and friends.